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Granite Countertops in Sonoma

If you are considering transforming and beautifying the kitchen of your home in Sonoma, consider the granite countertop selection offered by Cabernet Kitchen & Bath. We specialize in all aspects of kitchen design and construction and are committed to offering the highest quality of products and services. Our team sells and installs stunning, durable granite surfaces available in an abundance of colors and styles.

Our granite countertops will add years of elegance, ease-of-maintenance, and cooking enjoyment to your kitchen!

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Granite Countertops Installations Offer Unmatched Beauty and Durability

Our team completes diligent countertop installations, working with both speed and patience.

We have developed an excellent reputation for the quality of both our products and services. By combining proven traditional methods with innovative equipment and hardware, we can provide installations of the highest standards of durability and excellence. We leave no detail overlooked and are committed to working neatly on each property.

In no time, your beautiful new granite countertops will be ready for years of reliable use!

Enhance Your Kitchen Countertops by Consulting Our Wide Range of Granite Colors and Styles

Granite kitchen counters are among the most prized and desirable features of a dream kitchen. With a striking natural appearance and timeless elegance, granite kitchen countertops add an air of class and distinction to any kitchen. They also make a beautiful addition to any bathroom. Granite is an abundant natural material that is available in almost every conceivable color, allowing you to truly personalize your kitchen’s look.

Cabernet Kitchen & Bath works alongside some of Sonoma’s leading suppliers of exceptional granite products. As a result, we can offer incredible cost-savings on a wide variety of products. Our granite countertops are available in a huge variety of colors, patterns, and styles. We can help you select the perfect material for the look you are trying to achieve.

Choose Granite Countertops for Busy Kitchens

Aside from the aesthetic benefits, granite countertops have many practical advantages that make them an excellent choice for food preparation and serving. Granite is an extremely hard material and is thus very durable. It will stand up to wear and tear much better than other materials and is also scratch resistant.

Granite countertops also resist heat, so you won’t have to worry about proximity to cooktops or ranges and setting down hot pans. Properly-sealed granite is also resistant to stains and retains its value and condition tremendously overtime!

Our Remodeling Contractors Offer Prompt Granite Countertop Installation

Our contractors have been serving the Sonoma area for many years. We have a wide range of specialties and customize our approach to the particular need of each client.

Best of all, we are committed to prompt and courteous customer service as well as great rates!

Transform Your Kitchen with Top-Quality Granite Countertops

To add beauty and value to your kitchen, look no further than the granite countertop offerings at Cabernet Kitchen & Bath. We have the products and services you need to transform your kitchen into a luxurious, inviting space!

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